• Product Info

    New and Improved Salmon Skin Sticks! Same Ingredient different process, with a longer non refrigerated shelf life.
    • Natural Atlantic Salmon
    • Responsibly sourced wild caught Salmon
    • Each Sticks are Hand Rolled
    • No Antibiotics, hormones, preservatives and additives
    • Gently Freeze Dried
    • Longer Storage Life

                12 Sticks

                Key Benefits
                Salmon is high in Omega 3 which is great for our pups skin and coat. And good snacks for those pups who are sensitive/allergic to other protiens.

                Feeding Guideline
                Treats (not chews)  are intended for moderate feeding only. Please provide plenty of water and supervise your dog when giving this treat.

                Storage Guideline
                To maintain freshness, please store in cool dry place away from sunlight and heat.