• Product Info

    Shishamo is a type of smelt, and commonly known as Japanese a pregnant fish due to having fish roe inside. And that it can help prevent heart diseases amongst many other things.

    Shishamo can be eaten whole as a snack or you can reconstitute by soaking in a dish of lukewarm water and use as a savory meal topper. And can be enjoyed by both Dogs & Cats.
      • Natural Wild Atlantic Smelt
      • Handmade in small-batches
      • No Antibiotics, hormones, steroids and additives
      • Shishamo are made per order.
      • Longer Storage Life
      • Seasonal Harvest
                  10 pcs and 35 pcs
                  Key Benefits

                  Shishamo is packed with healthy Omega-3 oils, and is a great source of vitamins & minerals like calcium, potassium, Vitamin B and Vitamin D.

                  Feeding Guideline

                  Please provide plenty of water and supervise your dog when giving this treat.

                  Storage Guideline

                  To maintain freshness, please store in cool dry place away from sunlight and heat.