Urban Dog began as a passion project, crafting treats and chews for our beloved pups, which soon blossomed into reality. 

Fueled by a commitment to providing healthier options for our furry companions, as well as for our friends and family, Urban Dog is rooted in the love we have for our pets.

Our dedication to our canine companions is reflected in our carefully curated and diverse menu of treats and chews. From energetic pups to laid-back loungers, there's something for every dog and lifestyle.

We share your belief that the health and wellness of our pets are paramount. 

We're grateful for your support in choosing us to nourish your furry friends. Thank you for joining us on this journey of canine health and happiness!

Meet Our Pups.

Kōbe Beef (Kōbe bīfu) - Named after yup! you guessed it! the Japanese Black Cattle. The main reason why we built Urban Dog, is that he is highly allergic to the majority of the treats and food ingredients. Kōbe is a laidback kinda guy, who enjoys easy shaded walks and hikes, loves to soak under the California sun, and loves to meet and greet any pup or person on the beach as long as he is 5 feet away from the water, he is a couch surfer and has a good amount of collection of beds around the house.

Jidori Chicken - Is named after the Free-Range Chicken. Jidori actually means chicken of the earth in Japanese. She is our little explorer who non-stop loves adventures, from hiking on rocky mountains, desert heat, and sunny streets of LA, to the windy speed of biking, clam hunting, and soaking her feet in the salty beach, she loves life, cuddles, and kisses. Her new battling adventure is kicking cancers bum, she was diagnosed last November 2023 with type B lymphoma and has been taking weekly treatments.