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    A perfect chew treats for small-to-medium-sized dogs. These all-pork chews are delightfully gnaw-worthy snacks made from gently roasted pork skin, and freeze-dried to ensure a long-lasting flavor. Unlike other chews, they contain no artificial colors or dyes. Not only do they make an excellent natural alternative to rawhide, but they also have an irresistibly chewy texture that will keep your pup entertained. Best of all, they are easily digestible and packed with lean protein, making them a wholesome snack that won't upset your pup's tummy.

    • Made from 100% all-natural pasteurized pork skin.
    • Provides an excellent source of lean, healthy protein.
    • Makes an excellent alternative to rawhide for an easily digestible treat.
    • No additives or preservatives 
    • 4-day processing for this treat when out of stock

                6 pcs

                Please be aware that the purple stain on the treat is not discoloration; it's an edible and FDA-approved mark indicating that this meat has passed inspection.

                Feeding Guideline

                Please provide plenty of water and supervise your dog when giving this treat.

                Storage Guideline
                To maintain freshness, please store in a cool dry place away from sunlight and heat.