A Heartfelt Rescue Mission: The Day We Found Three Puppies at Bonita Falls

Posted on March 12 2024, By: Urban Dog

On a crisp Sunday morning, March 11th, 2024, we set out for what we anticipated would be a scenic hike to the beautiful Bonita Falls in San Bernardino County. With our adventurous pups and hiking gear in tow, we embarked on a 27-mile journey fueled by excitement. Little did we know, this adventure would take an unexpected turn, leading us to an act of compassion we never anticipated.

Upon reaching the falls, we were met with a disappointing sight – the parking and rest areas, along with the restrooms, were all under construction. Undeterred, we ventured to the other side of the parking lot in search of facilities, only to find a solitary portable toilet. Little did we realize, this moment would mark the beginning of a remarkable day.

As we approached the portable toilet, our attention was drawn to three little blackheads peeking out from behind it. To our astonishment, we discovered three timid, scared, and emaciated puppies, resembling German Shepherds. Our hearts sank at the thought of these helpless creatures abandoned in such a desolate place.

Despite our initial shock, we sprang into action, offering the puppies water, treats, and food to quell their hunger. With the wind growing colder, we knew we couldn't leave them behind. We carefully extracted them from their hiding place and placed them in the warmth of our SUV trunk, behind our pups.

Determined to ensure their safety, we sought assistance from the nearest ranger station, surrendering an iPhone we found at the scene. Shockingly, we learned that such instances of animal abandonment were tragically common in the area – a grim reality of neglect and animal cruelty.

Nevertheless, driven by compassion and determination, we entrusted the Humane Society with the puppies' care, hopeful that they would receive the attention they desperately needed and find loving homes.

There is a special place reserved for those heartless individuals who abandon and harm these innocent animals. Karma will inevitably catch up to them. It falls upon us to stand up for these defenseless creatures and ensure their safety, whether it's through fostering, finding loving homes, or delivering them to a humane society. Below, you'll find some helpful tips on what to do when you encounter an abandoned dog or puppy.

How to approach a stray or abandon dog.

1. Grab a potato chip bag — or something equally crinkly that may signal that you have food — and some dog soft treats.

2. Keep your gaze averted and focused on the food. Notice where the dog is out of the corner of your eye.

3. Take a non-threatening posture, like kneeling or sitting, and crinkle the treat bag to mimic eating noises.

4. Without looking, toss a few treats in the direction of the dog.

5. Take a photo (if possible) share to social media.

6. Check for a collar, ID tag and check for a microchip.

7. Knock on neighbors' doors.

8. Note the environment.

9. Call a local animal shelter or animal control if the dog looks aggressive, hurt, or in distress.

10. Know the breed of the stray, some breeds are likely not to survive in local shelters, it is best to give out good judgement by knowing the breed.

11. Below are list of non-kill shelters around southern california.






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